Social Painting; There’s a first time for everything

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Social Painting; There’s a first time for everything

I’ve never done this before. I didn’t know what to expect. Would I be good at it? Would I embarrass myself? Surrounded by friends and family, I walked through the doors to face my fears … of social painting.

Social Painting: Interpretation of Monet

My talented friend, Andreia, concentrating on her beautiful interpretation of Monet’s “La Promenade.”

One might say, “Well, Nellie, that is an irrational fear,” and to them I say, “Bah Humbug!” Have you ever tried to paint knowing that drawing even a simple stick figure will result in limbs too long, a head too big, the disappearance of a neck? That your rendition of a car looks like a plump dog? If not, I envy you. But for the rest of us, we need some motivation.

And this place did a fine job of providing that … in the form of wine. With my liquid courage in hand, I was ready to tackle my painting, create a masterpiece, become the next Picasso.

Social Painting

Oh wine, my dear wine, you saved me.

Now, just hold on a minute. I almost forgot that I know nothing about painting. That is where the RHAS staff comes in. They provided handmade outlines of our chosen art piece, gave us a little presentation of how to mix colours, what brushes to use, and tips for each specific painting.

Social Painting: Outline of a painting

Instead of staring nervously at a blank canvas, we were given a handmade outline of our chosen piece. Hallelujah!

And to say that I needed help was an understatement. I am convinced that Michelle, our art leader, is an angel sent down from heaven to specifically help me finish my interpretation of Klimt’s “Mother and Child.” When I was struggling to make my fictitious mama’s hair look normal, – even that was difficult for me – she swooped in and taught me how to blend colours so that the serpent-looking brush strokes I infested her hair with became lovely highlights. I could not have done it without her!

But I must attribute my success not only to the personal attention I received throughout my 3-hour artistic journey, but really to the warm atmosphere we all found ourselves in. Everyone, – friend, family, or complete stranger – was complimenting each other on their pieces. I was struggling, complaining, laughing, blending, mixing, painting, achieving alongside my amazing friends and family who wanted to share in this experience with me. And what an experience it was! Who would have thought that I would be painting … alongside my father … and that he would paint better than me! I have to say, I don’t think my first Social Painting Night could have gone any better!

Social Painting: all together

3 options means one painting for each of us! I’m glad my family and I didn’t have to fight over which painting to choose … it wouldn’t have ended well!

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