5 DIY Wall Art Decor Projects to Personalize Your Space

There is no better way to personalize your space than with ART, which adds warmth, creativity, and a uniqueness to any interior. While original artwork can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, there are less expensive ways to dress up your walls. A fresh coat of paint, a fancy wall paper, or an array of photos. However, for those looking to add an artistic touch, we have got you covered with 5 Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas:


1. Framed Chalkboard

So simple, yet so effective! I came across one at a friend’s house and am absolutely stealing their idea! All you need is an old frame lying around the house – or you can splurge on a new one – and a chalkboard sticker. For this project, it is best to use DeSerre’s Chalkboard Sticker. Just remove the back part of the frame, stick the chalkboard onto it, and make sure to remove the glass cover! Your art changes every time you pick up the chalk so go ahead and practice your drawing, write out your favourite quote, or scribble away! Detailed instructions can be found at DeSerres website.

2. Peel and Stick Designs

Wall Art Decor doesn’t get any easier than peel and stick. Perfect for the two left hands types! It is a hassle-free, non-permanent way to spice up your walls. You can add a Parisian touch with the Eiffel Tower as the background to your dining room or even a 3D art sprinkled across a blank space. Find interesting peel and stick designs Arsty Wall Decor and DeSerres website.

photo (9)

3. Decorative Canvas

There are a million and one ways to decorate a canvas because a blank canvas is fully customizable. Play around with patterns, colour, and materials … the sky is the limit! To create a geometric print, use masking tape to create geometric lines across the canvas. Choose your favourite DeSerres acrylic paint, and let your imagination run wild. Once paint and any other material are applied – carefully remove the tape soon after to avoid the paint hardening and lifting. For an example of a decorative canvas, go to DeSerres.

4. Paint Chips Collage

You wouldn’t think that something as simple (and free!) as paint chips could change a room … but it can! Collect paint chips from your local hardware store, organize them by colour, and choose an arrangement. Heart-shaped? In a frame? The trend is to arrange them from darkest to lightest, rainbow style, but sticking with one colour and it’s shades is also a great idea. Look at this example on Pinterest.

photo (8)

5. Nature Art

If you’ve been to our Richmond Hill Art School studio, you would have noticed our own DIY project: our infamous tree branches. The beauty of tree branches is that they do not wilt like flowers once removed. It is important to fasten the tree branches to the wall so that they do not tip over. When bringing the outdoors to the indoors, make sure you are bringing materials that are mess-free. You do not want to be cleaning up after your art! Once mounted, you will see how they transform your space into a cozy haven.

Would you try any of these DIY Wall Art Decor projects? Have we missed any? Share your favourite DIY projects with us!