Did you know that you learn much more from an art class than just art skills? Today we’re explaining the 7 great habits you work into your personality from a seemingly simple art session at the local studio. Not many make the immediate connection between art education and the multitude of skills that go far beyond the studio into the bigger areas of life; character building, successful connections, future occupations and careers. Here are the 7 great habits and skills acquired through art education:

1. Problem Solving

When you are staring at a blank canvas, you have no choice but to create something that was not there originally. When you create artwork, you take nothing and make it something by making decisions along the way. This is what art education teaches you. You have to ask yourself questions, answer them, and implement them all on your own. What technique should I use? What colours must I blend to make this special colour? There will always be a series of internal problems that you must find solutions for.

2. Observation Skills

When creating art, you must be present in the moment. Using the example of drawing or sketching, you must learn to look at things as they are before you, and not a pre-conceived notion of it. Art classes teach you to take things as they are, to really see their every detail, and to relay that on paper.

3. Discipline

Discipline is a very important skill when practicing art and is required in every teacher/student dynamic. By listening carefully, paying attention in class, and following instruction, progression as a student is achieved. It is those who take their lessons seriously, who do their homework, and who practice on their own time will develop into great artists.

4. Organizational Skills

You must organize your space for success. A cluttered work space reflects a cluttered mind. Art classes teach you how to keep your space tidy, to take only what you need, to clean up used materials, and to put it all away after every session. This is expected in every art class that we teach, and students do get into a habit of organizing.

5. Self-Expression

Art is the outlet for creativity and self-expression. With every brush stroke taken and every splatter flicked onto the canvas, you create your dreams, your vision, your masterpiece. Art classes give you the opportunity to do just that. We provide you with an environment conducive to self-expression; judgment-free, creative, and supportive. We provide you with the tools needed to create; the art skills, the materials, and guidance from experienced teachers.

6. Self-Appreciation

It’s human nature to be competitive. We can’t deny that we compare ourselves to others in almost every way imaginable from our successes to our failures and everything in between. But once you start creating art, you learn to focus on yourself. It is a journey you take on your own, it can become emotional, but you grow along the way. And it is at that point that you learn to appreciate your own success and performance without comparing yourself to others. You learn to admire their work just as much as you admire yours. You learn to be proud of yourself.

7. Courage

It’s not easy to try something new. For those who have never painted, it takes real courage just to pick up a paint brush. Even for those who do have experience in visual arts, it is hard to try an unfamiliar medium. We hear it all the time where those who paint with acrylic are terrified of using oil paints, or those who draw are scared to start painting. That is because we are all afraid of failure. It doesn’t matter how talented we are, or how artistic we are, it’s not easy to get out of our comfort zone. However, in art classes, you are presented with many different mediums and techniques. You learn to be experimental with colour, new materials, designs, and you learn to try new things not knowing the outcome.